Answered By: Chris Williams
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Legalization of marijuana is a hot topic. Regardless of your point of view, this is a great subject to speak or write about because there are so many resources on it. You could begin by searching for books in the library catalog for the keyword "marijuana." This will return many results. Access the catalog by going to You should also search the library's databases at, clicking on the Databases tab, and selecting Databases A to Z. Lastly, government resources, both from the federal government and from states that have legalized marijuana, may be of use. Specifically, you may want to look into Colorado's marijuana tax data and the state's medical marijuana statistics. Some of these are easily located with a standard internet search, but be sure to apply scrutiny to sources you find on the internet. Government resources will usually end in a .gov and are among the most trustworthy, but other sources may be biased, dishonest, or inaccurate. Ask your professor or a librarian if you are unsure about whether or not a source is reliable. Bear in mind that this subject includes social policy, legislation, and medical science. This means that there are a lot of resources, so you may need to narrow your topic slightly. There are also many opposing viewpoints, so you should familiarize yourself not only with the point of view you wish to support, but also those you disagree with.